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Intellectual property (IP) can be a person’s invention, innovation, artwork, experiment or even an idea. Intellectual property should be protected from infringement and imitation using legal instruments. This would require the help of an attorney. Meyer West IP is here with the best trademark and patent attorneys in Blacktown, western Sydney. Our experienced attorneys provide services across all suburbs of Sydney, including Blacktown. We are here to assist you with your trademark and patent needs.

Patents vs Trademarks

People may be confused between patents and trademarks. Even though both of these are types of intellectual property, they differ from each other significantly.

A Trademark is usually for a logo/sign for a company to differentiate it from competitors. Our attorneys here at Meyer West are prepared to handle different kinds of intellectual properties across western Sydney - even in Blacktown.

A Patent is usually done for an invention or innovation to protect it from being copied. While trademarks protect the business side of an intellectual property, a patent protects the innovation/invention side of it. You’re in the best hands with our attorneys who provide their services in Blacktown, Sydney. Businesses that produce goods on a large scale require a patent for their product (if it is unique and inventive or innovative) and require a trademark for their brand signature. Our attorneys will make the process of obtaining these intellectual property rights as nuisance-free as possible, right in the location of your convenience - Blacktown.


Meyer West IP

Our Trademark attorneys based out of Sydney can assist you to register your company’s trademark with IP Australia. Trademarks can become an identity for growing companies going forward. It can be very beneficial to register a trademark for your company name and logo. Doing this counterbalances the situation in your favour in case there are any trademark infringement legalities. Our trademark and patent attorneys in Sydney can assist you through any location in the city.

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