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Meyer West IP is a firm of Intellectual Property Attorneys in Hills District, Sydney, offering top-tier IP registration services. Our Founder André Meyer has been in the intellectual property industry since the year 2000 and has worked with three world-class firms. Meyer West also has the most experienced patent attorneys in Sydney.

Meyer-West IP’s founder, Andre Meyer has two decades of experience in the Intellectual Property industry and has served many clients. All partners and attorneys in the firm are also incredibly dedicated to assisting the clients with their patent and trademark needs. We are based out of the Hills district in Sydney, but we offer our services in Blacktown, West Sydney. Contact us today for the best IP services in Sydney.

How to Register a Trademark

The Australian Trade Marks Act defines a trademark as a sign used to distinguish goods or services of a company from the competition. Meyer West IP - a well known IP firm consisting of Sydney’s leading patent attorneys and trademark attorneys can help you with this.

Hire our trademark attorneys in Sydney prior to filing an application with IP Australia.

To get approval, it would have to be unique, and have a lack of opposition from any other parties.

Here’s where Meyer West IP can make the process easier - if the application is rejected due to examination of issues by the Trade Mark office, our trademark attorney can respond with arguments/amendments, create a notice for acceptance issues and forward the procedure to advertisement for acceptance of opposition.

This will follow through to the certificate of registration of your trademark with IP Australia. Similarly, our patent attorneys in Sydney can help you with patent registration procedures.

Our Services

Our team of experienced patent attorneys and trademark attorneys in Sydney can help you make intellectual property registration hassle-free. We offer multiple services - we provide assistance to register trademarks, patents and designs.

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